Sunday, 24 February 2013

6 Amazing Photos

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I got sick and I want nothing to do. I hope you will forgive me for the delay with custom orders. I have a couple right now but I can't even open Photoshop. Just don't want. The time goes slow and boring. I am browsing Internet to find something that will give me some emotions. Do you want to see what I finally found?
If so I will be happy to share it with you.

There are the pictures of snail by Russian Photograph Vjacheslav Mischenko.
I uploaded 2 of his amazing photos. If you want to see more click the link below. 

BestPeople on

I transformed 6 pictures I like to the squares and uploaded on website Square Images. The best on Internet


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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

4 new PNG Templates for copper pendants with ball chain

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When I started my business making digital photo templates I could not expect I will have more than 3 hundreds templates in my collection. I was thinking about probably 100-150, not more. 

Today I am proud to bring you a huge collection of various  PNG or/and PSD Templates, including Templates for scrabble Tile Pendants, Glass Pendants, Pin Buttons, Pocket Mirrors, Key Chains, Bottle Cap Magnets & Pendants, Purse Hangers, etc.

I am constantly updating my Collection with new designs and fresh templates. Please visit my website to see 4 new templates for copper pendants with ball chain. Copper Pendants Photo Templates

I divided the section ‘Templates for Round Bezel Pendants” by color. It will be much easy for you to find what you need. As soon as I separated gold, copper, bronze, silver, and black pendant templates into different pages I could see that I offer you the very little variety of copper pendants templates. So I added 4 more. 

PNG Digital Template for copper necklace

PNG template for pendants.

Digital Photo Template

Copper necklace PNG photo Template for Photoshop GIMP


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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Free Easter Greetings cards

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It's Easter very soon! Time again to send your loved ones our warm and cute Easter cards. 

So, there’s absolutely no excuse to not send a wish to your loved ones this year. 
There’s just something about a paper greeting card that never loses its charm for some of us. 
We like to hold the greeting in our hands, feel the crisp paper, run our fingers over the words and pictures - as if we were trying to absorb the essence of the message. 
Most of all we like to see the handwritten notes and the signatures of our loved ones. 
While eCards may be viewed instantly and forgotten over time, printed cards can be saved, cherished and shared for years. 
Although ecards have replaced printed cards in many instances as the more convenient, 
inexpensive and quick mode of wishing one another, printed cards still retain that special quality that electronic messages cannot convey effectively.

Download and Print your own Free Printable Easter Cards at home or any photo shop.

Take a look at the section Images for Cards->Easter Greetings  of website
In this section, you can download cards and print it out in your home to send to family and friends. 
You will find also on that website very useful online tool. The tool that allows you to re-size any image you found on that website to any size you need, and make collage sheet online for easy and convenient printing.

Please feel free to download Easter Cards from here. Or see full collection on website.

Easter Cards for printing

printable Easter Card

printable Easter Card

printable Easter Card


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Monday, 11 February 2013

Instruction "How to add text in GIMP 2.8.4"

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I uploaded new tutorial. This is a GIMP 2.8.4 Tutorial. You will learn how to add text on collage sheet image with GIMP. You can use new image with text to make personalised badges like these you can see below:

How to add text on collage sheet image
Personalised badge for shethoscope
Digital photo template
Perosnalised badge reel
If you have collage sheets with images you want to add text on, my step by step instruction will help you. Please use that link to see tutorial How to add text on collage sheet image with GIMP 2.8.
I am going to prepare one more instruction for you where you will learn how to cut a single image from collage sheet in GIMP, save it as separate file for using with my digital photo templates to make the perfect picture for shop listing.
(Ugh... I still learn English. I will be happy if you get what I wanted to say :)   )

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

27 New Digital Photo Templates


There are the news from Digital Templates by

I uploaded 27! new photo templates. Thank you Tina for sending me pendants and chains you use. Thank you also for allowing me to sell these templates on my website. I uploaded the templates for round bezel, glass pendants, for square bezel and glass pendants, for key chains, and also the templates for scrabble tile cufflinks.

Digital Photo Template

Key Chain Photo Tempate

PNG Photo template for pendant
Cufflinks template

To see all new templates please check the sections:

I created a new section "Wine charms Templates" where you can buy PNG or/and PSD templates for wine charms on different backgrounds. You can see all of them here PNG Templates for wine charms

I have another customer with he name Tina and would like to say to her 'Very Thank you" for sending me the images of pendant trays I can use for my templates. I hope you will see them soon.


P.S. Today all my websites  ,  ,  , were down. It's not me... My hosting company has the big problem and all websites that have hosing with that company were affected. Sorry for inconvenience.

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