Tuesday, 23 April 2013

9 new free images for garden tags, jar labels, coasters.

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Today I uploaded 9 new square images that could be printed and used as jar labels or garden tags. You can use them also for making refrigerator magnets, buttons or coasters. The size of every image is 3.5x3.5 inch. You will find images of pepper, peas, tomato, onion, corn on nice vintage landscape backgrounds.   All 9 images are available for free download from here: Images for crafts by
Or download ready collage sheet you could see below. The sheet size is 11x8.5 inch. Click on the image. Right Click and save.

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Featured Artist – Tina Johnson

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I have known Tina as a friend to for several years now and have always enjoyed working with Tina and creating original templates for her Etsy Store.
Click here to visit  Tina's Etsy Store .
Click here to visit Tina's Facebook Page

I like that bracelet image where Tina used her own background with the black bracelet's template created especially for Tina.

Tina specializes in various types of handmade resin jewelry and also have a huge inventory of Italian charms. Have fun shopping at Tina’s Store. 

There is a little what Tina would like to tell about:

"I enjoy making custom jewelry, so if you have an earring that is broken or has lost it's mate, but you still love it, why not let me make you a custom piece of jewelry with your item embedded in it? "

Last week we worked together with Tina to make a new template for double sided glass pendant. Take a look what Tina came up with. I love that pendant.

Thanks for being my Feature Artist Tina!

I love showing off the incredible artwork created with our images and templates. If you'd like to be my next "Featured Artist", send me your note telling me a little about yourself and include a sample of your work (created with at least one of my images or templates). I'll do my best to include you in a future "Featured Artist" post.


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Thursday, 18 April 2013

10 new ACEO, Cards, Notes images. Just your own text.

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Just would like to let you know about 10 new images for ACEO, Cards, Notes. Just add your own text. For example 'Thank you' text to make a card that you can send to your buyers. Or  add your business info to make a business card. Or add 'Be aware of the Cat' to make funny label for your door. It's up to you.
Follow the link Cat in hat to see all 10 new images. They are FREE for download. You can add the text on images by using GIMP or other Graphic Tool or you can convert the images to PDF sheet with help of Images for Crafts by After that download ready PDF sheet and add text in Adobe Reader. It's easy! You can find the instruction how to add text in PDF file with Adobe reader here

You can see just a couple of examples what you can make with these images below.


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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

48 free poppy's images for scrapbooking and jewerelly making

News from Images for Crafts by

Please feel free to download 48 new images of poppy. They are specially designed for square and rectangular pendants, magnets, and buttons. You can use them for coasters, pocket mirrors, gift boxes, and stickers also. Resize them to the size you need by using online tool on Download ready PDF sheet and print. These images with elegant vintage design will look amazing as posters.

I also uploaded ready Jpg sheet for you. You can download the sheet from the blog. Click on the image. In new window right click the mouse and save the image on your computer.

free images for jewellery making


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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

45 Free images for Cards, Tags, Greeting Cards, Stickers. Add your own text.

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I opened new image section ‘Add your own text’.  There are going to be special images with blank space where you can add your own text. These images could be used for making personal tags, labels, stickers, greeting cards, 'Thank you cards', and much more.

For sure many of you know how to add text on JPEG images with Photoshop or GIMP.  But what to do if you are not ‘graphic’ person? There is the simple solution for you.

1. Open the website Images for crafts by Find the image you want to add text to. Click on image to see details.  Click the button ‘Add to my collection’ in new window with single image. Repeat that first step for every image you want to use for personal or commerce needs.

2. Open ‘Make Collage Sheet’ page. Select the image size in the appropriate section. For example if you added images from ‘Images for Cards’ section, select the image size in ‘ACEO, Cards’. Of course you can resize images by clicking the button ‘Custom size’ on that page. You should keep the correct width and height ratio for rectangular and ACEO images to get the best result.

3. Select the sheet size you want to make (11x8.5 inch or 4*6 inch) and click the button ‘Continue’.

4. You will see all Card's images you added to your collection in new window. Select the images you want to make collage with. There is a note on the page top how many images you can add to make one collage sheet. Press the button ‘Make collage sheet’. PDF collage sheet with images you selected will be created for you automatically. You don’t have to do anything else. :)

5. Download your collage by clicking the button ‘Download’ in new window. Give appropriate name to your collage sheet.

6. So now you are ready to add the text to new PDF sheet created by you. Don’t worry. It’s very easy. With new Adobe Reader feature even YOU can make it. :)

7. I wrote the small instruction ‘How to add text in Adobe Reader’. Just follow the steps. You will see how easy it is. And remember, now you can save your work, the entered text will not disappear as soon as you close Adobe Reader.  You can find the instruction here. How to add text in Adobe Reader

P.S. By now I uploaded that kind of images into the section Images for Cards only. You will find 45 new images that you can use for postal cards, stickers, note cards, labels, greeting cards, ‘thank you’ cards. Feel free to use them for all your crafts projects.


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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

3 new templates for bezel pendants with rolo chain on white background


I uploaded 3 new templates for bezel pendants with rolo chain: for black, bronze, and silver pendants. They have plain white background and meet picture requirements of all popular marketplaces: Amazon, Etsy, Artfire.  You can find them here Latest Arrivals .

I also added these photo templates into the section ‘Use templates online’. If you have Membership account on ‘ you can find new templates under ‘Templates for Round Bezel Pendants’.  
Digital Photo template

Used Joan Miro art
Digital PNG Photo Template

Thank you for being my customers and friends.  

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