Friday, 6 June 2014

10 new jewelry digital photo templates and free collage sheet for cat lovers.

Summer Time...  
Hello. There will be a little bit quiet on my blog in the summer time. Would like to spent more time outside with my family. Please don't forget me :)

OK. Don't have so much to say... Just uploaded 10 new templates on website. Most of them for round and square pendants with rolo chain on white background.  All these templates could be used online. You can read more How to use Templates Online
If you bought my templates on my  Etsy shop you also can use the templates online. Please write me if you would like to use my service and I will set up your purchased templates on my website for you.

I learn how to make the picture better with every new template, how to make the template the way that it fits to Etsy shop or your personal shop. I am very thank you to everyone of you who gives me advices, even if it is not in very polite form :)   (Leah, I am about you :) )

Let's speak about 2 others my websites...

Free images for jewelry making and more.
Don't have time to make and upload new pictures. Probably you can help me? If you create the digital images for pendants, earrings, or other jewelry and would like to donate some for my website I will mention your shop or blog or whatever you want on my website. What you think?

Make your own digital collage sheet
As you know you can make your own digital collage sheet in a few seconds on that website. 
Upload image, cut to the shape you need and.... That's it. You can create collage sheet with any image size from 0.5 inch to 3 inch. 
If you need specific image size that is not set up on the website please write me. 

Today I would like to post Free collage sheet with new images for cat lovers. Click on the image and right click on the large version to save the collage sheet on your computer. Print and use the images in your projects: photo pendants, earrings, keychains, scrapbooking. 
Please do not resell the collage as your own. 

Cat in Hats Digital Collage Sheet
Free Digital Collage Sheet


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