Monday, 24 December 2012

'The Best On Internet' square images for crafts projects and scrapbooking

News form Images for Crafts by

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Hi everyone! Hoping you all have a very Merry Christmas!

New section 'The Best on Internet' was added to Square Images collection. All images you will find in that section don't belong to me. They are an original art work I found in Internet. I love them! I do not sell these images as you know. I just found them, cropped, and re-sized for you. You use these images at your own risk. I don't recommend you to make things with these images for sell. Download these images for personal use only.
I will add the full author name when I find it. I remember only that her name is Satu.

Follow the link to see them all. Square Images. The Best in Internet

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Friday, 21 December 2012

Awareness Ribbons 80 New Images

News form Images For Crafts by


View 140 square awareness ribbons images, awareness ribbons pictures. Download images, print and make  photo pendants, tags, cards, whatever you want to make.

There are images of pink ribbon (wost commonly associated with breast cancer awareness), yellow ribbon (this symbol used to support US troops), purple ribbon (a symbol of pancreatic cancer), autism awareness ribbon and many other ribbon colours.

Click the link to view them all. Square Images of Awareness Ribbons

Awareness Ribbon
Awareness Ribbon image for crafts
Awareness Ribbon image for crafts
Support our troops ribbon images

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

13 new PNG or PSD templates for Bottle Cap Photo Magnets

News form Digital Templates by


                Do you have a bottle cap collection and have no idea what to do with it? The bottle cap magnets fun and so simple to make.Create a unique and thoughtful handmade gift for a friend or make them for your own fridge. Want to make money by selling bottle cap magnets? With our templates and round free images that you can download from

Digital Images For Crafts you can start selling magnets empty handed.

Today I added 13 Digital Templates for Bottle Cap Magnets: for standard bottle caps, flattened, for set of 4, 5, and even 6 on different backgrounds.  

I also found for you the perfect tutorial how to make bottle cap magnets posted by

Bottle Cap Magnets Digital Photo Template

Google Ads

Bottle Cap Magnets Digital Photo Template

Bottle Cap Magnets Digital Photo Template

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

10 PNG or/and PSD Photo Templates for key chains

News from Digital Templates by


I added new shop section
Key Chains Templates.

You will find there the PNG and PSD templates for key chains with scrabble tile pendant; with glass photo pendant; with bezel square, round, and domino pendants. There are 10 different digital templates. All templates fit perfect to the images size you use. Just copy and paste the image below the template layer.

If you are making key chains for sell in Internet shop these templates definetely will help you with your business. I hope you will find what you need. If no, please contact me, and I will help you for sure.

Key Chain Template

Digital template for key chain

PNG template for key chain

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Blue background with Gold Stars for scrapbooking page

News from Images for Crafts by

I added 30 new images into different sections of website. Just follow the link above to find them. You will find the square images of birds, butterflies, round images of flowers, and oval images of birds, flowers, and butterflies. Don't forget that you can re-size them online instantly to any size you need and download ready sheet for printing. It's easy.

Butterfly image for glass photo pendants or scrapbookingButterfly image for glass photo pendants or scrapbooking

Also I added new Christmas background for Scrapbooking page or Cards into the section Exclusive PNG Collection The size of that page is 12x12 inch that fit perfect to scrapbooking page. You can download it and print or use it for your digital scrapbook. Its' free.

Crhistams Background for Scrapbooking Page


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New templates for Glass Photo Oval Pendants

News form PNG Digital templates by

png template for glass photo pendant

png template for glass photo pendant on silk background

There are 4 new templates for 30x40 mm oval glass photo pendants on silk grey and brown backgrounds with chain or without chain. That's it. Just would like to let you know. You can find them here Digital templates for Oval Glass Pendants

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Friday, 14 December 2012

PNG Digital Templates for Bracelets

News from Digital Templates by


I was asked several times if I can add templates for bracelets. I added only 3 digital templates by now: for photo cuff bracelet, for Glass Stretch Square Photo Jewelry Bracelet, and for for Scrabble Tile Jewelry Bracelet.

Your sister, aunt, wife, daughter, mom, grandmother, or best friend will love these instant and easy to make photo bracelets. More over, with our templates you can start selling them online instantly. 
Please visit new template shop section Digital Photo Templates for Bracelets

Cuff bracelet photo template

PNG Photo template for bracelet

PNG Digital Photo Template



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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Year Blue Background for Scrapbooking

The news from Images For Crafts by


I added beautiful blue background 'New Year 2013'. I believe it is going to come despite 21 December :) The size of that background with white snowflakes is 12x12 inch and perfect fit to scrapbooking page. There is the link for download
2013 New Year blue background or scrapbooking page

Scrapbooking Background

Also I added 19 more Christmas Cards that  you can download from here
Free Clipart for Cards, ACEO, Tags

Merry Christmas card Template

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Monday, 10 December 2012

ACEO, Greeting Cards free download

News from Images For Crafts by


Thank you Terri for your question if I will open the section ACEO, Greetings Cards. It took some time for me and finally all of you can download free images in ACEO size that is 3.5*2.5 inch or 2.5*3.5 inch. You can re-size them to any size you need up to 7*5 inch or 5*7 inch by using the service 'Make collage Sheet" on ImagesForCrafts by ( )

I added 53 images only by now but I have a huge collection of ACEO and for sure will add all images in the near future. Today you can find here Christmas cards, Easter Greetings Cards, to My Valentine cards. Download and print them. Send warm wishes to your friends and family.

For some reason images are not so clear on the screen but you can be sure they are crispy and sharp when you download them or make collage sheet for printing. 

By the way check out Terri's website. I believe you will find something you like. Hugs and Stitched

Free greeting card
Happy Easter Greeting Card

Free ACEO by
Be My Valentine Greeting Card

black and white
Black and White Card or Tag


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Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Card PNG Template plus 2 ready to print Christmas Cards

News from Images For Crafts by
Are you ready for Christmas?
Personalized photo Christmas cards are a great way to share season's greetings with friends and family.
So I added Christmas Card Template for you. Download the template on your computer, add personal photo. Don't forget to add a special message.

Christmas Card PNG Template

Follow that link to download the template.  Christmas Card PNG Template

And below is my gift for you. 2 beautifull Christmas cards are ready for printing on the page 11*8.5 inch. Download and print as many times as you want.
Click on the image to open it in full size. Right Click and save on your computer.

Christmas Cards

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

4 new templates for gold and silver bezel pendants

News from DigitalTemplates by


Thank you Tina for sending me high quality pictures of the pendants. I already uploaded the ready templates I made from your pictures on website DigitalTemplates by
You will find antique gold pendant template in the section Round Bezel Pendants and silver pendant template in the section Square Bezel Pendants. They are available for purchasing and for using online.

Jewellery photo template

digital photo template

If some of you needs specific template please send me a picture you want me to make a template from. You can also send me your pendant by regular mail and I will take pendant picture by myself.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Digital Photo Template for iPhone

News from Digital Templates by


Custom iPhone cases are very popular now. With our templates you can start selling iPhone covers right now. Download one of the brilliant designs from the ImagesForCrafts by or create a unique iPhone case using your own images and text. iPhone cases make great gifts for any occasion. 
I added 5 iPhone covers templates for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. You can buy them here iPhone cases

Tips to use free image collection from ImagesForCrafts by for making iPhone cases:
* Add images from Rectangle Images Section to your collection.
* Select Custom Image Size when you make Collage Sheet and enter Width and Height for Rectangular Images.

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Monday, 3 December 2012


News from BestPeople.Ca

As you know I created 3 websites for you to make your crafts life little bit easy. Every website provides some service:

  • is a great collection of free images and clip art that you can download and use in your crafts projects;

  • With the Digital Templates and Easy Product Create Tool, that you can find on you can create hundreds pictures of your products at once;

  • DigitalSheets has Easy Sheet Create Tool. Just upload your own images, select image size and shape and download ready sheet.
As you can see all Websites are under the one umbrella BestPeople.Ca. I registered that name many years ago when I even could not imagine that I will do in 10 years. :)

I know all 3 names of my websites are difficult to remember so I created one website BestPeople.Ca as a start page. You should remember only that name now BestPeople.Ca.

This website is for resolution of 1280x800 and above. Please use a modern browser and grant some loading time. I will love you for it. Take a look and get a fun. I will appreciate any feedback.

Yours sincerely

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Friday, 23 November 2012

47 New Images. Christmas Time.

News from Images For Crafts by

There are only 31 Days before Christmas.
I try to upload as many Christmas images as I have so you have time to make beautiful presents for your friends and  family or make necklaces, jewellery, buttons, magnets, and so on for sell. I hope you will have many buyers that pre-Christmas season. Good luck! 
You will find 47 new images in the square images section  Christmas & New Year square images
There are images of Christmas tree, Snowman, Christmas Ornaments, Snowflakes, Angels, and much more.

Free images for jewellery

Christmas time
Add caption

The original image size are 1.5x1.5 inch. But it does not matter. You can re-size them to any square size you need. It's simple. Add them to your image collection, go to Make Collage Sheet section, and select image size you need. That's it. Easy, quick, fun! 

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas blue background with snowflakes

The news from Images For Crafts by


The size of that beautiful blue background with white snowflakes is 12x12 inch and perfect for scrapbooking page. Or you can make a nice looking Christmas messages, cards, tags. Feel free to download the background from Exclusive PNG Collection on
Images For Crafts by

Free png collection


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Friday, 16 November 2012

4 free exclusive PNG files for download

News from Images For Crafts by


It was fun to make these Ball Christmas ornaments. You will find them in Exclusive PNG Collection on They are free for download as all PNG files on that website. Add to them snowflakes, ribbons, whatewer you want. Use them for scrapbooking, Christmas card decoration, labels, tags.

I also added 3 more png files for you. Smiley Cupcakes and Orange Flowers. All images have transparent background so you can easy use them in your projects.

Christmas ornament

It's just one example of Greeting Card where I used my Christmas Ornament.

PNG File


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Monday, 12 November 2012

Almost 5 thousands free images for download

News form Images For Crafts by


I uploaded 45 new images in different image categories on last weekend: dogs (very funny), birds, carnival masks. You are free to download them in any time.

Also I added the image counter on the top right page corner. I was surprised there are almost 5 000 images for you to download.
Just to remember that you can re-size all images automatically and make a collage sheet online in a few seconds.

Free Clip Art for scrapbookingFree images for scrapbooking


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Friday, 9 November 2012

4 new templates for pin back buttons

News from Digital Templates by

So you want to be a Button Maker? With our Digital Templates for Buttons you can start selling the buttons online right now.

Do you already a Button Maker? Use our templates to save money and time.
For sure you need graphics for buttons. Download professional-designed images from Images for Crafts by All images are free for download. There are 4 new templates in the section 'Shop Templates->For Buttons'Enjoy!

Digital Photo Template for Pin Back Button

Digital Photo Template

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Images Companions

News  from Digital Templates by


Someone noticed that the Images Companions available for download for those only who using templates on line (have membership account) and asked if I can make them available for everyone to buy.

I thought 3 minutes and decided to make them free for download for everyone.

Images companions are used along with the main listing image to show options (different ribbons or chains) or to give more information about the item (for example, to show the back side of the pendant).

I do not have images for ribbons by now but for sure will add them in near future.

You can download the pictures for free from here Free Images Companions

pendant tray back side

silver snake chain

antique bronze ball chain


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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Christmas Time & New Year new images

First snowfall is in my town today. Winter is coming. So it's time to think about Christmas gifts... You will find 74 new square and round images that you can use to make cute presents for friends or for sell. You can find the links to the new images on home page.

snowflakesRound free images

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