Monday, 30 December 2013

Free Digital Photo Template for Scrabble Tile Pendant

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Happy New Year to everyone! 

2014 year is coming with your new ideas and new crafts projects. 

There is going to be some changes on my website Digital Templates by in January 2014. 

Good news for all of you who have bought the templates for using them offline. Now you can use your templates ONLINE. I think it is much easier. Especially if you use the digital sheet with many images on it. Usually you cut the image out from the collage sheet and apply to the template in Photoshop or GIMP to make the picture of your new pendants, key-chains, pocket mirrors, magnets, buttons, and so on. 
Now you don't have to cut off the every image you want to use with Digital Photo Template. Simple upload the whole digital collage sheet to the website and select the template you want to use from a list of the your purchased templates. 
Use Scale Graphics Tool to re-size your uploaded image. You can enlarge your image up to 600%. That scale size is enough to fit any image from the collage sheet to any template. Left click mouse and move the collage sheet to arrange the image at the appropriate place on the template. 
Your collage sheet will be saved on the website during one month. No need to upload the sheet again to make new picture with new image from collage sheet. You can use the sheet to make the necklace's picture (for example) by using ALL collage sheet images. 
 Just try. You will see how easy it is making a picture of your future creations in the several seconds. 
That service is available for users who have bought the templates by now. Use the link  Use Template Online  on the page 'Shop Templates'. 

 It is a new service. That's why I am asking you to let me know about any problem you have with my website. Thank you. 

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Second news is I am planning to redesign 'Use templates online' service for membership accounts. All of you who have bought membership account will have access to ALL templates that you can find under 'Shop Templates'. As you probably notice not all templates are available for membership accounts by now. That situation will be changed in the next month. 

But.... As soon as all digital templates are available for membership accounts the price of membership will be increased up to $20 per month. If you are planning to buy Membership account please do it now.... Until it is not too late :)

And in the end of that post is my New Year Present ( Freebee ) to you.
The most popular digital Photo Template for scrabble tile pendant. To save the PNG file on your computer click on the image and right click on the enlarged picture. Use with Photoshop , GIMP, or any graphic tool that works with layers. Find the instruction How to Use digital Photo Templates on my website here: Instructions.

Digital Photo Template for Scrabble tile pendant
Digital Photo Template 
The PNG Digital Photo template is 600x600 px 300 dpi resolution. Perfect fits to 0.75x0.83 inch image size. 


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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

5 new digital photo templates for scrabble tile pendants necklaces with ribbons. PNG or/and PSD file.

News from Digital Templates by

Today I added 5 new digital templates for scrabble tile pendants with ribbons. You can easily make digital pictures of scrabble tile necklaces with help of these templates.
I don't think you have to buy the template for every  ribbon color you use. Buy one only and in item description add the phrase 'Every pendant comes with ribbon color of your choice'. Please follow the link Digital Photo Templates for Scrabble Tile Pendants to see all 5 new templates.

Scrabble tile pendant with ribbon Digital Photo Template
Scrabble Tile Pendant picture Digital Photo Template

Scrabble tile pendant with ribbon Digital Photo Template

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

24 new Christmas free images for scrapbooking, crafs projects.

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24 new digital images have been uploaded on the website. They are absolutelly free for download and printing. Use them in your Christams & New Year Crafts projects. To see them all please take a look at the section Square Images -> Christmas & New Year.

I also created freebee collage sheet for you. You can download the collage from that page. Click on the small collage image. Right click on the original image and save on your computer.

Digital Collage Sheet
Free Digital Collage Sheet

You can create your own collage sheet with pre-selected by you images online.
Making collage sheet has never been so easy. It is as easy as one, two, three.

You do not need any graphic knowledges to make digital collage sheets. You do not have to contact a salesman to resize the images for you.

Just select the image size you need, the sheet size, and images you want to add to your collage sheet. The rest will be done for you automatically.

You can create your own collage sheet with pre-selected by you images online.

If you need more info how to create your own collage sheet online please read step-by-step instruction . 

Some of you have complained that could not download a ready collage sheet on the computer. The sheet comes corrupted sometimes. Honestly? I don't know the reason.... So I added new button 'Send by email' on 'Download collage sheet' page. Now a collage sheet could be sent to your email address as an attachment. Please check your spam folder if you don't see the message form ImagesForCrafts by Don't forget to add my email to your address list.


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