Thursday, 20 March 2014

The changes on you will like.

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As probably many of you who has the Membership account could already see the website DigitalTemplates by has changed.

If you bought Membership account almost ALL digital templates that you can find in the website template collection will be available for using online. You have to create your own online template collection. By creating your own collection you will not need to search every time for the particular template between hundreds templates you don't use.

Please read below 'How to create my own online template collection'.

**You will not be able to download the templates from your online template collection on your computer if they are not purchased.

***Also please be advised the digital templates that required 2 images to make a picture are not available for online using. (earrings, cufflinks, jewelry sets such as pendant plus earrings).

How to create my own online template collection. 
(Only for users with membership accounts.)

The website has a wide range of template styles like Bezel, Scrabble Tile Pendants, Bottle Cups, Glass Tile Pendants, Buttons, Magnets, etc. To make it easy for you to use the website online service 'Use templates online' you should create your own online digital template collection. 

It's easy. Open Digital Templates , find the template you like, click the link 'See details' and on the template details page click the button 'Add to my collection'. That's it.

The template will be added to your template list and will be available on ' Use templates online' page. Your template collection will be saved for you forever. If you decide do not use the website some time and to buy membership account after 5 months (for example) you will have your digital template collection ready for you to use. You can add as many templates as you want.

I don't subscribe you for membership account. You should control your payments by yourself. You will see the date on the right upper page corner when your membership account will expire.

You also can buy the templates and use them online. All purchased templates are saved in your online template collection. If you use a few templates and not planning to increase the range of your inventory, the better way for you is to buy the templates rather than Membership account. It will save you money. For example, you use 5 templates and planning use only these templates more than 3 months. You will spend around $35 to buy these templates. (The price of 3 months of Membership) They will be saved in your online template collection forever. You can use them the same way as if you use Membership account. But you don't need pay any more for membership account.

I also made other changes that I think you will like. Now you can upload whole collage sheet. No need to cut images from your digital collage sheet any more. The scale graphic tool allows you to increase the sheet size up to 600% so the image on collage sheet will fit the template size. All uploaded images or digital collages you use with templates will be saved on the website during one month. You don't have to download every time the same image or collage sheet if you want to use that with different templates.

If you still have any question please contact me.



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