Friday, 19 December 2014

Happy Holiday Season, Promo code, and Free Collage Sheet


This wonderful holiday season I would like to say THANK YOU all of you for being my customers and friends. Please open my Greeting Card for you.

Also, I activated PROMO CODE in my Shop Templates4Sellers on Etsy. Please enjoy 10% discount on any digital photo template or digital collage sheet. Use PROMO CODE 'BestPeopleCaThanks' when placing an order. The coupon will be active until December 31/2014.

You can use the same coupon code in my second Shop on Etsy BestPeopleCa .

And finally, please feel free to download, print and use the collage sheet below for your personal or small commerce needs.

Digital Collage Sheeet
New Year Digital Collage Sheet


I hope you will enjoy this coming Holiday Season!

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Monday, 6 October 2014 Web sites are not available October 6/2014


2014/10/06 1:35 PM EST :
All my websites:
are not available.

The hosting provider I keep my websites with, has the big issue with the servers.
You can see the server's statuses here

My server is IIS405.

Sorry for inconvenience. I hope they will solve that issue soon.


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Monday, 8 September 2014

Kokeshi Girl Free Printable Images 1x2 inch Collage sheet

News from Free images for Craft Projects.

I missed you.
I hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

For me the summer has been as a reason to left my current business for a while and learn some new technique . If you are interested you can check out my new Etsy Shop ForestTale.

OK. Let's go back to our main interest such as making jewelry and other things with printable images inside.

I would like to offer you my new digital collage sheet Kokeshi Girl as Freebee.

Feel free to download the ready collage sheet from here or from the website Free images for Craft Projects. On that website you can resize these images up to 3x6 inch and make your own collage sheet with images of your choice. I uploaded 24 new images Kokeshi Girl.

The collage sheet is 4x6 inch.
The single image size is 1x2 inch.
Perfect for photo pendants, tags, keychains, stickers...
Right click on the image and save big image version on your computer.

Thank you.



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Friday, 6 June 2014

10 new jewelry digital photo templates and free collage sheet for cat lovers.

Summer Time...  
Hello. There will be a little bit quiet on my blog in the summer time. Would like to spent more time outside with my family. Please don't forget me :)

OK. Don't have so much to say... Just uploaded 10 new templates on website. Most of them for round and square pendants with rolo chain on white background.  All these templates could be used online. You can read more How to use Templates Online
If you bought my templates on my  Etsy shop you also can use the templates online. Please write me if you would like to use my service and I will set up your purchased templates on my website for you.

I learn how to make the picture better with every new template, how to make the template the way that it fits to Etsy shop or your personal shop. I am very thank you to everyone of you who gives me advices, even if it is not in very polite form :)   (Leah, I am about you :) )

Let's speak about 2 others my websites...

Free images for jewelry making and more.
Don't have time to make and upload new pictures. Probably you can help me? If you create the digital images for pendants, earrings, or other jewelry and would like to donate some for my website I will mention your shop or blog or whatever you want on my website. What you think?

Make your own digital collage sheet
As you know you can make your own digital collage sheet in a few seconds on that website. 
Upload image, cut to the shape you need and.... That's it. You can create collage sheet with any image size from 0.5 inch to 3 inch. 
If you need specific image size that is not set up on the website please write me. 

Today I would like to post Free collage sheet with new images for cat lovers. Click on the image and right click on the large version to save the collage sheet on your computer. Print and use the images in your projects: photo pendants, earrings, keychains, scrapbooking. 
Please do not resell the collage as your own. 

Cat in Hats Digital Collage Sheet
Free Digital Collage Sheet


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Friday, 2 May 2014

Create your ownd digital photo template with our Glass Shiny Layer

News from Digital Templates by
Good news for those of you who wants to make their own digital photo template for glass tiles, but don't know how to create a Glass Shiny Layer.

I have the solution for you. I offer Glass Shiny 3D layer as a separate element for digital photo templates.

Many of you so talented in making pictures of your glass jewelry tiles.  I have received many your requests to turn your photo into the template just because you don't know how to create a Glass Shiny layer.
Now you can buy the layer and turn your pictures into template by yourself.
Cut 'the hole' in the picture in the place where you are going to add the graphics, insert the shiny layer under the template layer the same way as you insert the graphics into the template. Save as a new template and use it as your own template.
The only one serious thing is
You are not allowed to use these layers to make your own templates for sell.

High Resolution 300 dpi. PSD or/and PNG format.
You can see below how my Glass layer works with different colors. Click on a picture to enlarge.
Many thanks to Leah for high quality scrabble tile pendant picture.

Glass Shiny layer example
Glass Shiny layer example

Glass Shiny layer example

3D Glass Shiny layer example
Glass Shiny layer example

I uploaded only 2 glass shiny layers by now. Most popular. Check them out here:

Glass Layers for digital photo templates

Will add more soon.


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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Create your own digital collage sheet has become much easier.

News from Digital Sheets by

I am glad, you like my online service 'Make digital Collage Sheet Online'.
To make that experience more pleasure for you I updated my website. Now you don't have to crop your uploaded images to every printed size you need.  When you have uploaded your image you want to make a collage sheet with just select the shape 'Round' or 'Square'. That's it. You will select the image size when you make a collage sheet. For example, if you need the same round image in different sizes (1 inch, 2 inch, and so on) cut the uploaded image to round shape. The image will be saved in your image collection and you can make the collage sheets with that image in any sizes you need.

The one thing that probably is sad for you, your image collection is empty now because of the website updating. You have to crop your uploaded images again. But as I said before, you have to crop the round or square image shape only one time. The image will be available for a collage sheet making in any size you need.

That update touches only square and round shape images. For rectangular, oval shape images are nothing changed.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

6 new digital photo templates for pendants, necklaces

News from Digital Templates by
I created 6 new jewelry digital photo templates with the design you have never seen between my templates. Just wondering if you will like them. I think they are look good enough for using them on Etsy or Artfire shops. I hope the pendant pictures created with the help of these templates will attract buyers and bring you more sales.
There is an example of one digital template I designed for gold round setting pendant with rolo chain. On the left side is the blank template. In the original template file, there is 'a hole' instead of the gray round area inside pendant setting. So you just add your digital graphics and the new picture of your future creation is ready.  On the right side you can see the ready picture created for shop listing just in a few seconds.

Jewelry digital photo templateJewelry digital photo template example

See all 6 new templates on  Digial Templates by You will find the template for black, gold round pendants, for copper and bronze square 1x1 inch pendants.
As I wrote in my previous post, you can use almost all my templates online including these 6 new ones. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions how to do that. I will be happy to assist you.



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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Out of my posts

I made that brooch by myself and like so much!

Cotton Fabric, Cotton Lace, Crystal Swarovski, hand painted. I can make it for you if you like that. The price is $40. It could be brooch or hair pin. The size is 2 inch high. Because of handmade item I can't reproduce it exactly as on the picture. It will be similar, very close.


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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Free digital images, several new jewelry templates, more image sizes.


To make sure you don't miss anything usefull for you I would like to write here what happened on my websites in March 2014.

18 new free digital images for bookmarks have been added into the section Flowers. The image design inspired by Beautiful Spring. The image size is 1.7*5.2 inch. Best for bookmarks, scrapbooking, slide pendants, tags.

20 new Easter Eggs square images. Feel free to download and print them. Use them for jewelry making, such as pendants, charms, earrings, as well as crafts and scrapbooking. The size of original images is 1x1 inch. If you need other image sizes you can resize them online and make PDF collage sheet for easy print on my website.

Easter egg free image
Free image Easter Egg
Square free graphics Easter
Free download

I uploaded 6 new digital templates. 3 of them are for round silver setting pendants. The rest is for gorgeous antique bronze and silver settings. I also added the info on 'See details' page of that jewelry templates where to buy blank settings.

Digital Photo templateJewelry template for shop listing

See all new jewelry templates on Digital Templates for Jewelry pictures by

INSTANT DOWNLOAD TEMPLATES make it a breeze to set up a shop to sell jewelry, buttons, magnets, earrings, etc. on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, or Facebook or create postcards and catalogs. With my templates you can create hundreds of product listings and product photos and never have to make a piece. No Inventory! You will have a clean, uniform looking shop that profiles your art, not your struggle with photography.

You don't need any graphic knowledges to use my templates. I offer you unique online service. Just upload your image, select the template, and click the button Save. That' it! Realy!

Read more how to use my templates with the help of website.

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Make your own Digital Collage Sheets

I added a couple more image sizes for you but don't remember which exactly. :) There is 32 different sizes + shapes to make images. You can easy make digital collage sheets with round, square, oval, rectangle images. 
 It's very easy.
You do not need Photoshop or GIMP. You do not need blank templates. You need nothing... Only the website DigitalSheet by Just try. You will love to make digital collage sheets online on my website.

If you have any question please convo me via websites or via that blog.


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Thursday, 20 March 2014

The changes on you will like.

News from DigitalTemplates by


As probably many of you who has the Membership account could already see the website DigitalTemplates by has changed.

If you bought Membership account almost ALL digital templates that you can find in the website template collection will be available for using online. You have to create your own online template collection. By creating your own collection you will not need to search every time for the particular template between hundreds templates you don't use.

Please read below 'How to create my own online template collection'.

**You will not be able to download the templates from your online template collection on your computer if they are not purchased.

***Also please be advised the digital templates that required 2 images to make a picture are not available for online using. (earrings, cufflinks, jewelry sets such as pendant plus earrings).

How to create my own online template collection. 
(Only for users with membership accounts.)

The website has a wide range of template styles like Bezel, Scrabble Tile Pendants, Bottle Cups, Glass Tile Pendants, Buttons, Magnets, etc. To make it easy for you to use the website online service 'Use templates online' you should create your own online digital template collection. 

It's easy. Open Digital Templates , find the template you like, click the link 'See details' and on the template details page click the button 'Add to my collection'. That's it.

The template will be added to your template list and will be available on ' Use templates online' page. Your template collection will be saved for you forever. If you decide do not use the website some time and to buy membership account after 5 months (for example) you will have your digital template collection ready for you to use. You can add as many templates as you want.

I don't subscribe you for membership account. You should control your payments by yourself. You will see the date on the right upper page corner when your membership account will expire.

You also can buy the templates and use them online. All purchased templates are saved in your online template collection. If you use a few templates and not planning to increase the range of your inventory, the better way for you is to buy the templates rather than Membership account. It will save you money. For example, you use 5 templates and planning use only these templates more than 3 months. You will spend around $35 to buy these templates. (The price of 3 months of Membership) They will be saved in your online template collection forever. You can use them the same way as if you use Membership account. But you don't need pay any more for membership account.

I also made other changes that I think you will like. Now you can upload whole collage sheet. No need to cut images from your digital collage sheet any more. The scale graphic tool allows you to increase the sheet size up to 600% so the image on collage sheet will fit the template size. All uploaded images or digital collages you use with templates will be saved on the website during one month. You don't have to download every time the same image or collage sheet if you want to use that with different templates.

If you still have any question please contact me.



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Saturday, 22 February 2014

The problems with all my websites.


My hosting company has some issue with the server where my websites are located. They told me that maintenance work is almost done and refer me to that page.  

I am so sorry. I am thinking about moving to another hosting company...

If you need the templates right now I have the shop on where you can find my templates. BestPeople on Artfire


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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

67 vintage square images for glass and resin pendants, magnets, bezel cabochons and so on.

News from Images for Crafts by

67 new vintage looking images have been uploaded today on website. Please visit that page to see them all. free printable images are great for your art and craft projects. You can download them, print and use in printed form for any personal or commercial projects, in your non-digital, handmade works of art, etc.


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Friday, 24 January 2014

$20 for $40 to spend on merchandise AH BEAD


Today I got an email from LivingSocial with the deal that will be interesting to you. So I decided to share that deal.

$20 for $40 to Spend on Beads, Supplies - AH Beads Deals

Not sure if that link will work for you. Just try.

The AH BEAD company offers up to date selections of beads and jewelry making supplies; they carry full lines of Lampwork, Gemstones, Swarovski Crystallized Elements, Settings, Findings, Tools, Beads, and Stringing materials, among other exciting products.
I have been asked many times where to buy Compact Mirror with Bezel Setting. I was looking long time and finally found where...

The perfect compact mirror with bezel setting is ideal for you to create something that is one of a kind. Just fill with Epoxy clay and add crystals or whatever else your heart desires. If you are interested in go here
Pocket mirror with bezel setting.


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Friday, 17 January 2014

Digital pre-made ring pictures. Photo Templates.

News from Digital Templates by


It’s interesting that sometimes I am getting similar requests at the same time. For example, I have not been asked about digital templates for rings a long time…. But a couple weeks ago I got 3 custom requests in two days  for ring photo templates.  I could see on Etsy (for example) many sellers offer handmade custom photo rings. Sometimes the pictures are blurry. The graphics inside hardly seen. I like to photograph and  know how difficult to make a good picture of a small object such a ring.

So I think my digital pre-made images of ring blank settings will be very helpful….Just add your image. Please check out the new section Rings .

Digital photo template for black ring
Digital Photo template for black ring.
Digital photo template for black ring
Digital Template Example
Digital photo template for black ring
Digital Template Example

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