Tuesday, 30 October 2012

14 mm image size

News from Digital Sheets by The great tool provided by allows you to make digital collage sheet with images you choose. You can crop and resize the images to many popular sizes.

Some of you asked me to add one more image size 14 mm round. Thanks for asking. Now you can crop images to that size.

If you didn't find the image size you need just let me know.

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Monday, 29 October 2012

The most popular collage

News from Images for Crafts by

It was the most popular collage sheet in my etsy shop - Cat's eyes. Cute Cat's eyes. Now you can download images absolutely free and re-size them online to any size you need. There are 20 new images  in square images section 'cats'.

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Cupcakes Day of the Dead New PNG file

News from Images For Crafts by

Made 6 funny cupcakes but have no idea where you will use them... :) Any ideas?
I put them in Exclusive Collection on

cupcakes digital png image

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Template for bottle cap and scrabble tile keychain

News form Digital templates by


Thank you Chastity for perfect images I could make the templates from. Thank you also for allowing me to share them with all members of There are 2 new templates placed in the section Use Templates Online

Digital photo template for scrabble tile keychainDigital photo template for keychain

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Exclusive PNG Collection

News from ImagesForCrafts by

I opened new section 'Exclusive collection - PNG files.'. I have a lot of them.
PNG files

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3 new templates for bezel pendants

News from Digital Templates by

Place whatever photo, artwork, paper cutout or embellishment you desire in the bezel to create your own unique pendant!

Use your own image or choose from one of Free Images designed by   The possibilities are limitless...

Use our templates to list your pendant in any internet shop.

Take a look at new templates listed recently.

pre-made photo layout for keychain
Digital template for bezel pendant with black ribbon
Digital template for bezel pendant with black ribbon

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

41 new images added to the section Oval - Fantasy

News from Images For CRafts by

Hello. I decided to add 41 oval images to the new section Fantasy. I hope you will like them.

Oval ImagesFantasyOval Images for jewellery making

Also I modified home page: added "What's new" so it will be easy for you to find new images.


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Monday, 22 October 2012

4 new templates for Badge Reels

News from DigitalTemplates by

Today I added 4 new templates for badge reels

Identification badges are often held on small, self-retracting reels. These plain, plastic reels can easily be decorated with an image to dress them up and personalize them. The results are attractive and professional-looking, and making them requires very little craft skills.

Plus, with our digital photo templates for badge reels you can start selling them online right now.

The full instruction 'How to sell Today and make Tomorrow Badge Reels' you can find here. Digital templates for Badge Reels

Digital Photo template fo badge reelDigital Photo template fo badge reel

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Friday, 19 October 2012

Instruction 'How To make Your Own Digital Collage Sheet'

News from Digital Sheets by

Hello! offers the service to make your own collage sheet online with images YOU CHOSE. Many of you know that...

For those of you who just found my website I uploaded step by step instruction 'How To make your Own Collage sheet' with help of DigitalSheets by website. Just follow the instruction. Make as many collages as you want with images of any size and shape: square, oval, round...

how to make collage sheet

Enjoy! Alexandra

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Increase you image download limit

News from

As you know you can download up to 10 images per day from 'Images For Crafts' website absolutely free. Many of you ask me how to increase image download limit.

There are the several ways to increase the limit up to 30 images in a day.

** Became my follower on my blog.

** Mention my blog in your blog post or website.

** Mention one or all of this websites: Images For Crtaft, Digital Templates, Digital Sheets in your blog post or website.

Have you done at least one step listed above?
Please send me the next info via 'Contact Me' form:
Your Login name;
Blog Follower name (if appropriate);
The Link to a post or a website page where you are mentioning my blog or one of my websites.

Please read more about how to uncrease image download limit Click here

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"Magic" Buttons

Finally I figured out how to add these “magic” buttons to my websites and blog. (See above.)  So now you can share post content, website pages, template examples and pictures with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and over 300 other social sites.

If you want to add these buttons on your website or blog click Add This. It's very easy.

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

New Free Square Images for Christmas or New Year items

News from

It's only two months before the Christmas. I would like to make the present for you right now so you will have time to make and sell your Christmas Crafts.

There is the collage sheet with images of funny snowman beside the letter is standing  under winter's night sky. The collage page is 4x6 inch. The image size is 1 inch square.

You can download it from here. Click on the image and right click on the original image. Save to your computer.

Digital Collage Sheet

There is only 12 letters. You can find all letters in that style on And of course you can re-size them to the size you need and make a collage sheet for download.

These images are best for wine glass charms as I think. I use the wine charm template to show you what you can make for sell or as Christmas gifts.

I added that new template and 3 more on website. You will see them on Latest Arrivals page.

Like images? Please Comment. Thank you!

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New wine glass charm templates

News from

I added 3 wine glass charm templates. You can find them on Latest Arrivals page.

Digital template for glass wine charms
Digital photo template for glass wine charm
Digital photo template for glass wine charm

Wine charms are a fun way to identify your glass of wine from all the others. It is so easy to make your own glass charms. You can then sell them online. If you are thinking of starting selling wine charms online my digital templates will definitely help you. You can start to sell wine charms just in seconds.

Find images on Download them. It’s absolutely free. Combine images with digital photo template and save it as new file. That’s it. You are ready to sell your wine charm in any digital shop.

digital photo template for wine glass charm

Need more help on how to join graphics and template? You can find step by step instruction on website.

Need instruction how to make glass wine charm? I found the very professional tutorial for you. That tutorial is how to make glass photo pendant.
You need to make one more step to transform glass photo pendant to the wine glass charm: add wine charm ring to the pendant. Follow directions on the premade rings for connecting the two ends of the ring with your pliers. If you're creating your own rings, use the needle-nosed pliers to bend each end of the jewelry wire into a small "U" shape and hook them together.

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Friday, 5 October 2012

Cistom image size feature on

News from Images For Crafts website.

Hello! offers the great collection images you can use in your craft projects absolutely free. I also offer the unique service as no one else. All images you found on that website could be resized to any size of your choice from 0.4 inch to 7 inch.

When you make collage sheet with images you chose you can select image size from the list or enter custom size in inch or mm.  The rest will be done for you automatically. Download ready collage sheet and print.

The only one thing you should keep in mind is  the image quality for large images worse. I can’t guarantee high image quality for image size greater than 3 inches.  But you can try to play with sizes.

Take a look at the image quality examples for different  image sizes.
Original size 1x1 inch
2x2 inch
3x3 inch
5x5 inch

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Free Collage Sheet from

Halloween is almost here. Some of you would like to get started on some Halloween artwork so I created this spooky sheet just for you to use.
It's absolutely free so pin to Pinterest, share to Facebook, Tweet away!

Free images for crafts Halloween

These page ( 4x6 inch size ) contains 12 halloween images 1x1 inch size.
You can download the images as separate files from ImagesForCrafts ( or/and resize images up to 3 inch square online and make your own digital collage sheet for printing.
The whole  version of that collage with 50 different images and collection of 12 Halloween collage sheets you can find here Scary Halloween

To download the sheet full-size, click on the sheet picture and the full version will be opened.
Right click on the large image and save the file to your computer.

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Custom requests about Digital Photo Templates

News from

Some of you ask me to make custom template. I am always happy to receive that kind of request.

Couple days ago I got that picture with question if I can make the template for bezel round pendant with snake chain. It’s good idea to send me the pictures with your request because I can see what exactly you use to make your projects.

If you just ask me if I can make template for square pendant I will have many questions:
- What kind of pendant do you use?
- Do you need chain shown on the template?
- What kind of chain?
And so on, and so on.

But from the picture (even the picture is not in high resolution) I can see all details and make the template exactly as you need.

Let me show you what I came up with by using the picture above.

If I need to make new template I am making the several in one time. The background usually are similar for all templates for one photo session :) You can find all these new templates on

Digital Photo Template for Glass PendantDigital Photo Template for Round PendantDigital Photo Template for Glass PendantDigital Photo Template for Round PendantDigital Photo Template for Glass Pendant

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