Thursday, 28 November 2013

Digital Photo Templates for Cameo Pendants


One of my friends Carolyn gave me one perfect idea.
She asked me to make the templates for oval pendants 40x30 mm without ‘glass layer’. I was surprised. When Carolyn explained me what she is going to make, I have  wanted to applaud for her.
Cameo in oval pendant setting. Just glue cameo into the pendant setting. That’s it!

I always want to know more about new (for me) crafts. So I opened Internet and spent a couple of hours in searching info about cameo pendants.

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There is what I found:

1. Many virtual shops offer unset ready cameos for DIY.
Aliexpress is the cheapest one, but that shop is located in China and as a result the speed of shipping is slow.
Alibaba  also offers various of resin Cameo.
The shop LeanderOrnaments on Etsy offers very beautiful collection of Unset cameos.

If you want to find by yourself where to buy cameo, Google for ‘Resin cameo for DIY’.

2. You can make resin cameo by yourself. If you have some crafts talent (I believe you have!) Google ‘How to make resin cameo’. You will find many tutorials and you will be surprised how it’s easy making your own cameos.
I found one tutorial for you How to make clay cameos.  

3. You even can can easily make your own silicone molds for making a cameo.
There is the nice tutorial How to make silicone mold
And one more How to make cameo molds

4. I found not so many sellers sell cameo pendants on Etsy. I took a look at the shops's sales to figure out if somebody buys cameo pendants. Yes! I could see many cameos in the sold items list. I think if you want to expand the range of goods for sale Cameo pendants is a good idea.

I hope you will find my research useful.

So…. to make your crafts life easy I created new section ‘Digital Templates for Cameo Pendants & Cameo Necklaces’ where you will see 3 templates only by now. 
Please be advised these templates don’t have ‘glass effect’. Please do not buy them if you plan to use them for glass or resin pendants pictures.
You can start selling cameo pendants in a few minutes by using digital photo templates. Copy cameo picture from seller listing and paste into the cameo pendant digital template.  


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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New free images for Christmas Cards

News from Images for Crafts by

Please feel free to download new Christmas Cards. You will find 8 new cards in warm blue colors. 
You also can use them as "Thank You" card in 
that very special season. Send "Thank you" card to the special people who brighten up your days.

See them all under the section ACEO & CARDS Christmas


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