Monday, 8 September 2014

Kokeshi Girl Free Printable Images 1x2 inch Collage sheet

News from Free images for Craft Projects.

I missed you.
I hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

For me the summer has been as a reason to left my current business for a while and learn some new technique . If you are interested you can check out my new Etsy Shop ForestTale.

OK. Let's go back to our main interest such as making jewelry and other things with printable images inside.

I would like to offer you my new digital collage sheet Kokeshi Girl as Freebee.

Feel free to download the ready collage sheet from here or from the website Free images for Craft Projects. On that website you can resize these images up to 3x6 inch and make your own collage sheet with images of your choice. I uploaded 24 new images Kokeshi Girl.

The collage sheet is 4x6 inch.
The single image size is 1x2 inch.
Perfect for photo pendants, tags, keychains, stickers...
Right click on the image and save big image version on your computer.

Thank you.



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