Wednesday, 21 August 2013

16 new digital photo templates for using online.

News from DigitalTemplates by Bestpeople.Ca

If you use digital photo templates online with help of website there is good news for you. 
12 templates were uploaded to the section Bezel Rectangular and Heart Shape settings templates. You will find there the templates for pendants, necklaces, dog tags, key chains.
Also 4 new templates for bezel round settings were uploaded for using online. I did not list them for sell by now. Will do that soon.

1 tip to improve the sells in virtual shops.
Make and list hundreds images to improve your shop visibility.

You can easy make as many pictures as you want with our digital templates. Just upload image, select the template, and save ready picture of your future pendant (key chain, button, magnets, and so on ) on your computer. List it in any virtual shop. 
Don't keep unnecessary inventory. Make the product only if it sold.

Digital Pendant Picture Template
Digital Photo Template
Digital Pendant Picture Template
Ready pendant digital picture.

I hope you enjoy working with templates online. If you have any problem with that service please contact me. I always happy to help.


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