Wednesday, 3 April 2013

45 Free images for Cards, Tags, Greeting Cards, Stickers. Add your own text.

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I opened new image section ‘Add your own text’.  There are going to be special images with blank space where you can add your own text. These images could be used for making personal tags, labels, stickers, greeting cards, 'Thank you cards', and much more.

For sure many of you know how to add text on JPEG images with Photoshop or GIMP.  But what to do if you are not ‘graphic’ person? There is the simple solution for you.

1. Open the website Images for crafts by Find the image you want to add text to. Click on image to see details.  Click the button ‘Add to my collection’ in new window with single image. Repeat that first step for every image you want to use for personal or commerce needs.

2. Open ‘Make Collage Sheet’ page. Select the image size in the appropriate section. For example if you added images from ‘Images for Cards’ section, select the image size in ‘ACEO, Cards’. Of course you can resize images by clicking the button ‘Custom size’ on that page. You should keep the correct width and height ratio for rectangular and ACEO images to get the best result.

3. Select the sheet size you want to make (11x8.5 inch or 4*6 inch) and click the button ‘Continue’.

4. You will see all Card's images you added to your collection in new window. Select the images you want to make collage with. There is a note on the page top how many images you can add to make one collage sheet. Press the button ‘Make collage sheet’. PDF collage sheet with images you selected will be created for you automatically. You don’t have to do anything else. :)

5. Download your collage by clicking the button ‘Download’ in new window. Give appropriate name to your collage sheet.

6. So now you are ready to add the text to new PDF sheet created by you. Don’t worry. It’s very easy. With new Adobe Reader feature even YOU can make it. :)

7. I wrote the small instruction ‘How to add text in Adobe Reader’. Just follow the steps. You will see how easy it is. And remember, now you can save your work, the entered text will not disappear as soon as you close Adobe Reader.  You can find the instruction here. How to add text in Adobe Reader

P.S. By now I uploaded that kind of images into the section Images for Cards only. You will find 45 new images that you can use for postal cards, stickers, note cards, labels, greeting cards, ‘thank you’ cards. Feel free to use them for all your crafts projects.


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