Thursday, 18 April 2013

10 new ACEO, Cards, Notes images. Just your own text.

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Just would like to let you know about 10 new images for ACEO, Cards, Notes. Just add your own text. For example 'Thank you' text to make a card that you can send to your buyers. Or  add your business info to make a business card. Or add 'Be aware of the Cat' to make funny label for your door. It's up to you.
Follow the link Cat in hat to see all 10 new images. They are FREE for download. You can add the text on images by using GIMP or other Graphic Tool or you can convert the images to PDF sheet with help of Images for Crafts by After that download ready PDF sheet and add text in Adobe Reader. It's easy! You can find the instruction how to add text in PDF file with Adobe reader here

You can see just a couple of examples what you can make with these images below.


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