Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New wine glass charm templates

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I added 3 wine glass charm templates. You can find them on Latest Arrivals page.

Digital template for glass wine charms
Digital photo template for glass wine charm
Digital photo template for glass wine charm

Wine charms are a fun way to identify your glass of wine from all the others. It is so easy to make your own glass charms. You can then sell them online. If you are thinking of starting selling wine charms online my digital templates will definitely help you. You can start to sell wine charms just in seconds.

Find images on Download them. It’s absolutely free. Combine images with digital photo template and save it as new file. That’s it. You are ready to sell your wine charm in any digital shop.

digital photo template for wine glass charm

Need more help on how to join graphics and template? You can find step by step instruction on website.

Need instruction how to make glass wine charm? I found the very professional tutorial for you. That tutorial is how to make glass photo pendant.
You need to make one more step to transform glass photo pendant to the wine glass charm: add wine charm ring to the pendant. Follow directions on the premade rings for connecting the two ends of the ring with your pliers. If you're creating your own rings, use the needle-nosed pliers to bend each end of the jewelry wire into a small "U" shape and hook them together.

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