Friday, 5 October 2012

Cistom image size feature on

News from Images For Crafts website.

Hello! offers the great collection images you can use in your craft projects absolutely free. I also offer the unique service as no one else. All images you found on that website could be resized to any size of your choice from 0.4 inch to 7 inch.

When you make collage sheet with images you chose you can select image size from the list or enter custom size in inch or mm.  The rest will be done for you automatically. Download ready collage sheet and print.

The only one thing you should keep in mind is  the image quality for large images worse. I can’t guarantee high image quality for image size greater than 3 inches.  But you can try to play with sizes.

Take a look at the image quality examples for different  image sizes.
Original size 1x1 inch
2x2 inch
3x3 inch
5x5 inch

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