Thursday, 11 October 2012

New Free Square Images for Christmas or New Year items

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It's only two months before the Christmas. I would like to make the present for you right now so you will have time to make and sell your Christmas Crafts.

There is the collage sheet with images of funny snowman beside the letter is standing  under winter's night sky. The collage page is 4x6 inch. The image size is 1 inch square.

You can download it from here. Click on the image and right click on the original image. Save to your computer.

Digital Collage Sheet

There is only 12 letters. You can find all letters in that style on And of course you can re-size them to the size you need and make a collage sheet for download.

These images are best for wine glass charms as I think. I use the wine charm template to show you what you can make for sell or as Christmas gifts.

I added that new template and 3 more on website. You will see them on Latest Arrivals page.

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