Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Welcome, Craft Person.

Welcome. I am Web Developer and Graphic Designer. And I like photograph. My name is Alexandra.
I am not so good in English so excuse me for that.
If you are craft person who make small beautiful things with graphic inside (glass pendants, scrabble tile pendants, pocket mirrors, and so on) my blog is for you.
Sometime ago I made my first template for scrabble tile pendant. I have saw many poor quality pictures of scrabble tile pendants for sell in Internet. No way to sell handmade thing if you do not have high quality picture of your product. Oh.. It is a long and time consuming way to sell something in virtual shop: make product, make a picture of product, list it. There is no 100 percent sure it will be sold. And your pendant could sit on your shelf forever.
But with digital photo templates the craft life is much easy. Use templates to create a digital photo of your product, list it in any virtual shop, and if it sold make the real pendant and send to to buyer. Sounds good? Take a look at where you can find hundreds templates for many craft projects. You can buy them and use offline in graphic tools such as Photoshop Elements or GIMP.
If you do not have any graphic tools or any graphic knowledge use the service 'Make it online'. Just upload image for your pendant, select a template, and download ready image of your virtual product to your computer. That's it. It's easy. Enjoy and have a fun creations.

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