Friday, 21 September 2012

Make your own Digital Collage Sheet

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Do you know that you can make your own collage sheets?
Make your own using photos that YOU choose!
You could even start a business making collage sheets for other people!
Our unique online service makes collage sheet making easy!
Just choose your photos and the shape you want them to be: square, circle, oval or rectangle and choose the size.
You can make whole sheets of the same or different images, its up to you.
Circles for bottle caps, buttons, magnets; rectangles for domino pendants, squares for glass photo pendants, scrabble tiles!
Endless possibilities. Bellow a collage sheet samples I made by using online servise 'Make collage sheet'.

Crop Images to rectangle, circle, square, ovals, and resize to any size.

Instantly generate printable file at 4*6 or 8.5*11 inch.

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  1. Yes. Sure. You can upload any picture, your own photo, gtapfics.