Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Digital Templates for scrabble tile pendant necklaces. Add your own cord's color.

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Over the years I have created hundreds templates to help you with your craft business. Most of my templates you can buy on the website Digital Templates by BestPeople.Ca. I still have unpublished templates that were done as custom (non exclusive) templates. Some of these templates have the advanced possibility such as ‘change an object color’. For example if you are making pendants with a cord you usually use different cord’s colors that suit most to pendant design. In that case you have to have several digital photo templates for each cord’s color. It’ kind of difficult to change an object element in the template if the template contains only one layer. And it’s too expensive to buy 5-6 templates for every cord color you use to make a necklace.

In previous I have done several digital templates for necklaces that allows you to change the cord color or ribbon color. I am planning to publish them on my website and hope they will be very useful for you. Yesterday I uploaded one digital template for scrabble tile pendant with cord. Right now it is in New Arrivals on Shop Templates home page. You will see the note in the template description ‘Add your own cord color’. That’ mean you can change the cord color by yourself. You don’t have to have any graphics knowledges to do that. I prepared the step by step instruction How to change an object color in digital template.   
If you need more templates like that please contact me. I always happy to help. Thank you for being my friends and customers.


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