Thursday, 10 October 2013

Christmas Tree Bottle Cap Ornament Template plus 73 new free Christmas images.


        I know it’s just a little bit early to think about buying Christmas decorations, but it is not early to think about selling them. Bottle cap Christmas tree ornament is very popular now and it’s easy to make. 
        I was surprised by searching Etsy that just a few sellers offer bottle cap Christmas tree ornaments. So that fact probably is good news for you as for seller. 
       With new digital photo templates for Bottle Cap and Button ornaments you can “create” and to offer for sell in any virtual shop hundreds of ornaments just in a few hours. It’s so easy: open template in any graphic tool that works with layers, add image under the layer with template and save a picture. You can find full instruction how to use digital photo templates on my website Digital Templates by

There are a couple things what any craft person with some art skills can do.
Please visit Digital Photo Template for ornaments to see all templates. If you need specific template don't hesitate to ask. I will be happy to help.

Digital Photo template
Digital photo template for bottle caps Christmas Tree ornament.

Christmas Tree Bottle Cap ornament. Digital Template.
Digital photo template for Button Christmas Tree ornament.

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To make your craft life much enjoyable I uploaded 73 new free Christmas Images in the section Round Images. Christmas & New Year
Feel free to use them in yours ornaments for sell. You can download them from my website or just download ready collage sheet that you could see below. It's free. Click on the image, right click and save. 

The sheet size is 4x6 inch.
The sheet resolution is 300 dpi.
The single image size is 1 inch round.


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