Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Free image download limit is 10 or 30 per day.

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Thank you, Carla, for describing me your problem with image's download limit. I understood it is not convenient to remember the time of the day you downloaded graphics Yesterday. So I changed the image download limit to 'per day', not 'per 24 hours. Now you can download images during a day. As soon as new day begins you can download more images. For example if you saved 10 or 30 images (depending on your image download limit) on your computer at 10 pm, at 12:01 am the next day (in 2 hours) you can download the next bunch of images.

By default you can add up to 10 images to your image collection in 1 day.
Don't want to wait until tomorrow?
There are the several ways to increase the image download limit
to 30 per day:

Became my blog follower.
Mention my blog in your blog post or website.
 Simple donate any amount of money to
Mention one or all of this websites:
Free images for Craft Projects
Digital Templates for Craft Project Pictures.
Make your Own Collage Sheet
 in your blog post or website.

I you have done the one thing from the list above
Please send me the next info via 'Contact Me' form:

Your Login name;
Blog Follower name (if appropriate);
The Link to a post or a website page where you are mentioning my blog
or one of my websites.


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