Friday, 5 July 2013

19 new digital photo templates to make a yewerly pictures for online stores.

News from Digital Templates by BestPeople.Ca

19 new templates where uploaded today into the section Digital Templates for Bezel Pendants

I am constantly updating my Catalogue with new designs and fresh templates. Please come often.
 You don't need to be a professional graphic designer to use these templates. All you need is to add your graphics, picture, image into template, and the picture of your item is ready for publishing in any online store. Don't waste your time and materials to make real item before it has been sold.
 All templates fit perfect to image's requirement of all popular market places such as, Etsy.Com, and many others.               
All templates are in High Resolution 300 dpi. PSD or/and PNG format available for downloading right after payment has been received.

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Take a look at a couple templates examples. An please check out all of them here:

Round Photo Pendants.

Square Photo Pendants

Rectangular Photo Pendants


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