Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New PNG Template for Stethoscope ID Tag

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Many people who work in health care facilities have stethoscopes. Stethoscopes all have a similar appearance, but using a stethoscope ID tag helps make them easily identifiable to the users.

I checked Etsy Market Place for ‘Stethoscope ID tags’. I found that only a few shops sell personalised ID Tags so maybe it is a good idea to start selling ID tags. I found the shop where you can buy the blank tags: 

You can start selling them immediately with my new Digital Photo template for Stethoscope ID Tags

Just add an image into the template and list your product in any virtual shop. Pick up any round image from Images for Crafts by

Do not worry that original image size is 1 inch only but you need 1.5 inch round image for Stethoscope ID tag. Add image you like in your Image Collection. Go to ‘Make Collage sheet’, and select image size 1.5 inch. The image(s) will be re-sized automatically without losing quality. All you need is download ready collage sheet and print. 


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