Wednesday, 6 February 2013

27 New Digital Photo Templates


There are the news from Digital Templates by

I uploaded 27! new photo templates. Thank you Tina for sending me pendants and chains you use. Thank you also for allowing me to sell these templates on my website. I uploaded the templates for round bezel, glass pendants, for square bezel and glass pendants, for key chains, and also the templates for scrabble tile cufflinks.

Digital Photo Template

Key Chain Photo Tempate

PNG Photo template for pendant
Cufflinks template

To see all new templates please check the sections:

I created a new section "Wine charms Templates" where you can buy PNG or/and PSD templates for wine charms on different backgrounds. You can see all of them here PNG Templates for wine charms

I have another customer with he name Tina and would like to say to her 'Very Thank you" for sending me the images of pendant trays I can use for my templates. I hope you will see them soon.


P.S. Today all my websites  ,  ,  , were down. It's not me... My hosting company has the big problem and all websites that have hosing with that company were affected. Sorry for inconvenience.

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