Monday, 3 December 2012


News from BestPeople.Ca

As you know I created 3 websites for you to make your crafts life little bit easy. Every website provides some service:

  • is a great collection of free images and clip art that you can download and use in your crafts projects;

  • With the Digital Templates and Easy Product Create Tool, that you can find on you can create hundreds pictures of your products at once;

  • DigitalSheets has Easy Sheet Create Tool. Just upload your own images, select image size and shape and download ready sheet.
As you can see all Websites are under the one umbrella BestPeople.Ca. I registered that name many years ago when I even could not imagine that I will do in 10 years. :)

I know all 3 names of my websites are difficult to remember so I created one website BestPeople.Ca as a start page. You should remember only that name now BestPeople.Ca.

This website is for resolution of 1280x800 and above. Please use a modern browser and grant some loading time. I will love you for it. Take a look and get a fun. I will appreciate any feedback.

Yours sincerely

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